Image databank for

With upto 500 GB of storage space, you can now
maintain a complete, secure, ever-available
databank of millions of photos.

One-click solution for
your SMO woes

Never run out of scoops again! Engage your
customers on social media networks with
images about your products and human
stories behind it, no matter where they are.

Assemble it all in
one place

Organise and manage your images in PhotosWare
archive, and ensure that they are available to you
easily whenever required.

Empower your every
team member

Photosware is available for both Android
& iPhone, just to make sure no one
is left out. Now every team member is empowered!


PhotosWare is the digital image store where you and your employees & dealers can archive photographs related with your brand and customer-interaction for direct sharing on social media networks.


How it works!



Simply SignIn with PhotosWare here to access the master key Admin
Panel that allows you full control of the app.


INVITE YOUR TEAM, the ones who will be clicking and
submitting images to you regularly from the field.



Once your invites are accepted, the user is directed to the mobile app.
You are now READY TO ROLL!

About us

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Social media has emerged as one of the most inseparable part of image-building process in businesses. To establish your brand in the market and in the hearts of your present consumers, as well as prospective consumers, it is utterly important to give them an interactive platform to engage and express their opinions.

It all seems so easy—just click the right pictures at the right time and upload them on your social media pages. The only hard part is to be at that ‘right’ place at the ‘right’ time. And since you cannot be everywhere, all the time, you have to depend on your employees or dealers who are already so busy; it becomes a tiring task to ask them for the matter over and over again.

PhotosWare is our answer to the hapless prayers of millions of entrepreneurs, PR managers and social media executives who struggle to receive, organise and preserve images on daily basis. Follow your three-step process to worry-free social media marketing. With our exclusive features of Admin control and User-Invites to as many corporate employees and dealers, PhotosWare becomes your ultimate tool in controlling and managing your social media pages and brand-related images like a pro!



PhotosWare is just the thing my enterprise needed. Now sharing and uploading images is so easy. No chasing my guys for event and brand-related images for Facebook or Twitter anymore. With PhotosWare, it is almost like having a super-tool that has saved me all the tension—making it all run butter-smooth for me. Thanks a bunch, PhotosWare!
Kal Sadra, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Being in hospitality sector leaves you with so much on your plate that taking time out to keep your Facebook, Google+, Twitter running becomes a laborious task. The PhotosWare app came just at the time when we needed it the most. With Commonwealth Games nearing, things are going to get busier than ever. PhotosWare has made the social media updates literally a piece of cake. Now we can focus more on our guests, than the internet. Way to go!”
Robin Bansal, Owner
Devoncove Hotel, Glasgow, UK